Transfer Service CD from Audio Cassette

Australia's preeminent audio cassette to CD digital transfer and restoration services are provided by DVD Infinity.

Rewinding is tedious, tapes wear out very fast and it is becoming increasingly difficult to play your old sound recordings trapped on tape. We have been providing audio cassette transfer & restoration services for over 15 years and we are very good at it.

Our basic transfer/restoration includes:
  1. Most professional audio transfer & optimisation equipment
  2. Best sound technicians
  3. Highest quality CD media (rated at 100+ year life)
  4. Volume management (boost levels)
  5. Removal of pop, crackle and hiss
  6. Removal of background hum and rumble
  7. Spectral balancing
  8. Noise reduction
  9. Separation of tracks
  10. Verification of each CD
  11. CD replication, duplication, printing and packaging
Did you know that we can produce DVDs with up to 30 hours of your sound recordings?

Open 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 1pm on Saturday. 3 convenient locations in Sydney and happy customers all around the world

When highest quality is important for your audio tape transfer job, there is only one choice - DVD Infinity.

The company provides transfer services for many major corporations, government, universities, libraries, sales & marketing organisations, schools, students, major music producers, musicians, law firms, accountants and software developers, etc. We have happy transfer customers all over Australia in Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and almost every regional area of Australia.

We also provide film, video cassette, photo, negative and slides transfers as well as disc replication and duplication, all at highest quality. Transfer yours today.

Audio Cassette

We output to many formats including:
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